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Updated: Friday, December 1, 2023

Considering how vital the real estate market is towards maintaining economic strength, even people who normally don’t concern themselves with its everyday happenings are keeping “close tabs”.  Modest statistics like the housing sales increase mentioned for the month of February have some real estate agents and enthusiasts alike predicting a slow yet positive market turnaround.

In some further hopeful news, home builders seemed to have finally stopped requesting home permits, forcing a building slowdown of sorts for the first time since 2001.  Now if this were 2004 or so, this may be perceived as a bad thing but its likely implications in the current real estate market situation are actually notable.  For one, this is a very reliable indicator that not only are prices of Jacksonville homes possibly stabilizing instead of continuing to drop, but all these old homes that builders had no idea what to do with are actually being purchased.

So let’s assume you’re one of these people who may want to buy or invest in Jacksonville’s property for sale currently owned by another individual.  If it happens to be a desirable property such as a waterfront home, there may be others looking to obtain it for themselves which then necessitates making an equally desirable offer to the seller.

Do keep in mind though that if a seller agrees and you’ve signed the legal paperwork, the price is largely non-negotiable.  Thus, you want to take into account the prices of nearby homes that have similar aspects in terms of the number of bedrooms and such to make certain the seller isn’t inflating the price.  Then again, you may find out the price they’re asking for is much less than it should be.  And like any knowledgeable real estate agent will tell you, don’t purchase something you won’t be able to financially manage.

Another advantage to making your offer seem better than a fellow competitor is to try and relieve as much responsibility on the seller’s end or fulfill as many of their needs as you can.  This could be anything from taking the time to be pre-approved for a mortgage loan to paying for any fixes the property might require.  Don’t be surprised if a seller becomes much more willing to negotiate on a mutually agreeable price.

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