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Updated: Sunday, September 27, 2020

We're only twelve days into 2012 but it's never too early to see where the Jacksonville real estate market is headed.  These past few years have been a bumpy one for The River City but according to some new reports, this year looks to be a good one for The Sunshine State's largest metropolis.

According to a research firm based in California, 2012 may see some of the most impressive price appreciations for Jacksonville homes and several other cities throughout the state of Florida.  Jacksonville came in eighth in a list of cities that will likely see the highest appreciation, with an estimate of 4.3 percent growth.  Jacksonville along with Miami, Tampa Bay and Orlando are among the top fifteen best performing metro areas of last year as a matter of fact.

What are your thoughts on these new estimates and where do you see the Jacksonville real estate market headed in 2012?

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